Client Birth Stories & Testimonials

Tracy and baby"My partner and I met Tracy when I was pregnant with my first baby, Harry. Going through the initial process of finding a midwife for the first time can be extremely daunting and we really wanted to find the right fit for such an important experience in our lives. I have to say, with Tracy, we definitely hit the midwife "jackpot" if there if ever was one.

Her approach from day one was calm, relaxed and fun, all while being extremely knowledgeable, honest and trustworthy. I felt comfortable with her approach to our care, and appreciated that from day 1 she was extremely thorough and always had our best interests at heart. She has a fantastic sense of humor too which is a great quality to have. I think having such a calm approach throughout made all the difference in my pregnancy and believe my baby boy is relaxed because I was at ease and felt 100% safe and well looked after the entire time.

There were times at the end of my pregnancy when I occasionally felt slightly nervous about things, however Tracy was always there providing me with a genuinely caring ear to listen and always responding with reassuring words to make me feel comfortable and content. When I needed referrals done, bloods done or even just advice, she was there providing solutions and organising things to be reviewed promptly. She is efficient, positive and highly professional.

When it came to the delivery Tracy far exceeded our expectations and went above and beyond to provide the best possible care. She made sure we were well informed every step of the way and when your going through something like childbirth for the first time, having someone who listens, responds and provides a knowledgeable outlook is definitely comforting and reassuring. Every decision that was made on the day of delivery was made in collaboration with all of us and Tracy was respectful and 100% honest with her thoughts about how to proceed. Having Tracy verbally encouraging us through everything made such a difference and her presence was invaluable. I wanted to look back on my birthing experience as a positive one and Tracy definitely enabled me to achieve that.

My whole family loved Tracy and we can't rave about her highly enough. I will definitely be recommending her to any friends I have who are looking for a fantastic midwife and if we have another baby I will 100% be asking Tracy to look after us again. When it came to say goodbye at our last visit, I felt quite sad that she wasn't going to be popping in every week! She really is fantastic at what she does and her passion for people and her profession really does shine through in her work.

Thankyou so much Tracy for keeping us safe and delivering our little Harry into the world safely, we are forever grateful." Rach. Olly and Harry :)

Tracy and baby"Thank you so much for all you did for us! We were so fortunate to have you as our midwife for all three of our babies. You were a wealth of knowledge and support. I often think back to when Noah was born and how fantastic you were at the birth - when all I wanted to do was head home, put my feet up and do it all another time. You were the perfect mix of encouragement and persuasiveness I needed to see it through. Thank you so much for everything you did for us." Ruth Hemmingsen

"Just the word "Midwife" conjures up a picture of Tracy in my mind. As an example of her profession she shines in her ability and knowledge. Using her services for both my second and third babies, my queries regarding everything from morning sickness to the different weight gains and shapes were answered fully. No matter how big or small she treats every question or doubt with consistent detail and focus, ensuring my confidence and contentment during pregnancy. Always looking professional in her appearance - no matter what the hour - her smile a welcome light and calm reassuring voice a guide during even the most challenging moments. Tracy's ability to open her heart to her ladies, their babies and indeed partaking family members is the quality I offer to others wishing to experience every aspect of pregnancy, birth and aftercare." Carly McKeen. Takapuna

Michelle & Baby"Words really can’t express the huge appreciation for what Tracy has done for my family. I found a midwife that encompassed everything I wanted: warm, caring, energetic and confident. Tracy always had my best interests at heart and ensured that I was comfortable with every aspect of my pregnancy and birth. As a first time mother-to-be and now as a first time mother, I had a plethora of questions and concerns. Tracy always responded with educated answers and warmth. During the birth of my beautiful baby girl she gave me the strength and encouragement to get through the birth completely naturally. Having suffered from hyperemesis (HG) throughout my pregnancy, I felt that a drug free birth was my only real option. I feel blessed to have had such a positive birth experience and I feel Tracy’s experience and passion for her job was a huge contributing factor to this. Needless to say Tracy will be getting a call when I get pregnant with number two!" Michelle Grey-Lamont

My husband and I met Tracy 4 years ago as I was pregnant with our first child.Tracy & BabyBeing a first time mum it is hard,not only on your body but emotionally as well.Not knowing what to expect and whether things are progressing the way they should. Tracy was amazing. We found her very professional, caring, trustworthy, reliable, approachable, hardworking ,easy to talk to and was always there for any questions or uncertainties. Which you need as a mum, especially a first time mum. Tracy made us feel so comfortable, so no question was a dumb question. We recommend Tracy totally as your midwife. We loved her services so much that we found out that I was pregnant again and called her back straight away. If we ever decide to have more children we will be calling Tracy again." Szavanna Sergeev

"I can only thank Tracy with all my heart for making my two pregnancies and the challenges that came with them (HELLP Syndrome & Placenta Praevia) such a positive and not scary experience. I can only highly recommend her to every other pregnant woman. Tracy is not only a great professional midwife with all the necessary knowledge and experience but also a wonderfully warm and caring person (and great fun too !!)."